Sustainable Putnam

Just Seven Steps to
100% Renewable Energy

  1. Switch to a clean, renewable electricity
  2. Switch to LED light bulbs
  3. Weatherize your home
  4. Upgrade to efficient electric appliances
  5. Make the switch to an electric vehicle
  6. Replace your HVAC with heat pumps
  7. Install solar panels
Use our Toolkit to help you with each step >>>

Take the 100% Renewable Energy Pledge

By signing the pledge, you’re sending a message to local government officials, businesses, and your neighbors, to support the policies and practices that reverse global warming and halt climate change, and secure the essential conditions for all life on our planet.

This is not only a pledge to eliminate the threat of climate change, it’s also a promise to leave our children and grandchildren a better, more prosperous society.

Make your pledge today to fight climate change and cost-effectively transition to 100% Renewable Energy! 

Take the Pledge

I pledge to shift my energy use to 100% Renewable Energy, as quickly as I am able. I will take the first step by greening my electricity source. I will learn about other electric and renewable alternatives so that I am prepared to replace my fossil fueled appliance(s), vehicle(s), and HVAC system as the need for replacement arises. In doing so, I can take pride knowing that I’m doing my part to end the climate crisis.

Calculate your Carbon Footprint

Sometimes our use of fossil fuels isn’t very obvious.  Your “carbon footprint” is a measure — usually expressed in tons of CO2/year — of all of the greenhouse gas emissions released from your home or business. We can each take personal responsibility for our carbon footprint, and the best way to start is to establish a baseline. Think of it as the starting point of your journey to 100% renewable energy! 

Once you’ve measured your footprint, you can begin to eliminate the GHG sources using The Checklist (below). As you do, come back to this tool and take a new measurement and record your progress. You’ll be able to take pride in doing the right thing for our children and grandchildren. 

Calculate your Carbon Footprint!

This self-audit is a calculator to help you discover — and quantify — the total greenhouse gas emissions (including carbon dioxide and methane) from your home or business. This interactive tool will provide you with a baseline for your carbon footprint. As you make changes, you can revisit this tool and track your progress away in eliminating your footprint and toward 100% renewable energy!

Select a Solar Option

Today, everyone can go solar — with or without installing solar panels on your roof. Thanks to New York State’s forward-thinking solar policies, our electric utilities are required to buy the electricity produced by solar farms built within their service territory. But only if we subscribe to purchase that solar electricity. That’s the essence of something called community solar.

So there are two options for going solar: 

  • installing solar panels on your home or business 
  • subscribing to a community solar program

Installing panels on your property can be a great choice. Although it requires a significant investment, owning your own photovoltaic system will save money and produce significant amounts of electricity in the long run.  Sustainable Putnam can help you find a local solar installer to complete the job and put you on the path to energy independence.

Community Solar is the other major option is to subscribe to a solar farm: also known as Community Solar, you install nothing. Instead, you purchase power from a solar farm at a rate that by law is less than what your utility charges. Thanks to New York State’s forward-thinking solar regulations, there are no upfront costs, cancellation fees, or other charges! You receive up to a 10% discount on your electricity bill, while you reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants, create good jobs and a clean, green electrical grid in New York State!  

 Click the white “Go Solar” button to find your best option. If you already know that installing panels isn’t right for you at this time, click the green button below for details.

Should I install panels or join Community Solar?

Not sure which form of solar is right for you? Complete our questionnaire to help you decide. Take ten minutes to answer these questions and choose the best solar option for you and your household or business. Do it today and go solar!

Use our Checklist

The Checklist is a list of actions you can take to eliminate fossil fuels, and a record of your accomplishments. 

Use the Checklist to find the easy steps — the low-hanging fruit —that cost little and can be accomplished quickly. Check them off, and pat yourself on the back. Then move on to those that require more effort, knowing that each will save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and improve your health.

Like to work with paper and pencil? Click “Download PDF” below.

Are you the digital type? Click “Get Google Doc” below  and “Make a Copy” to create your very own digital Guide. Hint: Copy and paste the check mark icon next to each completed task as you go

The Checklist

Download our free checklist to learn carbon cutting tips and tricks and keep a record of your progress.

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