Sustainable Putnam

It’s Time To Make A Change

We propose a different way of thinking about and living with our planet. We suggest that we approach all projects from the point of view of the earth (our home) as a living entity. As such, rethink what the impact is that you are having on this living being?  We can all reduce our carbon footprints which is a good thing, but if we are going to solve this climate crisis, we need  to prioritize and act accordingly. 

  1. Preserve and protect what we currently have.
  2. Restore and rejuvenate areas that we have previously damaged.
  3. Stop dumping poisons into the world
  4. Cut fossil fuel use
  5. Create peace, the machines of war are destroyers of life.

Land Use & Global Warming

What we do on and with our property can have a significant impact on the climate. To reverse global warming, we can plant more trees and other vegetation, and actually absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. What’s more, we can use alternative methods to till and garden our land that decrease how much carbon is released in the process. [Incomplete paragraph. More needed on the connections, e.g. removal of vegetation for buildings and asphalt reduces carbon sequestration. Constant expansion of human habitats (housing developments, shopping centers, parking lots, etc.) means less habitat for other species and a decrease in biodiversity.] 

Stormwater & Impermeable Surfaces

Content paragraph here

Action: [Don’t dump in storm drains.]

Action: [Don’t expand impermeable surfaces.]

Biodiversity & Landscaping

Content paragraph here

Action: Plant native plants that are pollinator friendly

Action: Refrain from pesticide and weed killer use in your home and yard.

Action: Pledge to plant pollinator-friendly plants in your yard: Putnam Pollinator Pathway

Action: Stop mowing your lawn.  Helps in two ways. 1. Less emissions from your lawn mowers and create habitat for the creepy crawlies that we need. No insects, no life.

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