Sustainable Putnam

Our Communities

Putnam County Courthouse, erected in 1814. Photo by Anthony22.

The climate crisis is just one important aspect of our sustainability work. To become truly sustainable, we recognize that Putnam must address other ecological, social, and economic issues. We’re about the environment, and all of our residents: present and future. 

Community Work is Essential

Sustainable Putnam believes that citizens can have the greatest impact while working at the community level. 

With this in mind,  we encourage you to join us in working with local government, businesses, and schools right in your own town. We’re promoting the work and programs that our communities already have in place. We’re assisting with Clean Energy and Climate Smart campaigns. And we’re advising our municipal leaders and residents regarding policies that build sustainability and resilience. 

For example, we need to close the gap between ecological principles and our agricultural, manufacturing, and transport systems. We also need to acknowledge and respect the community we live in. That means working with and caring for all of our neighbors to ensure a healthy, vibrant community for generations to come. 

Putnam County

Situated north of Westchester and south of Dutchess Counties, folks say that Putnam County “is where the country begins.” The mighty Hudson River borders our western shoreline and Connecticut borders our eastern boundary.

East of the Hudson, one crosses the majestic Hudson Highlands, famous for rocky outcrops and excellent hiking.  Central and eastern Putnam is dotted with many beautiful lakes and reservoirs, fed by many tributaries that emanate from the Great Swamp in Patterson.

The county government seat is in the Town of Carmel, consisting of a County Executive and Legislature made up of nine legislators. The iconic 1814 courthouse is still used as office space, though a newer and larger courthouse and office space sits adjacent, at the intersections of Routes 52 and 301. 

Putnam County has a population 98,320, divided amongst six towns and three villages. Find your community below and join with others to build a Sustainable Putnam. 

Our Towns

Putnam County has a population 98,320, divided amongst six towns and three villages.

Find and join your community to build a more Sustainable Putnam.