Sustainable Putnam

Chris Bonura

Growing Stuff from the Ground Up

Join Chris Bonura, Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteer, and learn how to grow your own herbs and vegetables at home!

Putnam County Cornell Cooperative Extension and Sustainable Putnam invite you to join us on Sunday March 7 for this timely workshop on gardening, for beginners and novices alike.

Literally starting at the ground level — Chris will teach you how to prepare the soil, prepare beds, pots, or containers, and plant and grow your own herbs and vegetables. He’ll discuss using seeds versus seedlings, raised beds or not, natural pest control, and other topics. Join us for this free and exciting opportunity to localize your food, reduce your carbon footprint, become more self-reliant, and to revel in some of the many gifts that nature provides.

Pre-Registration required.


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