Sustainable Putnam

Solarize Putnam! A how-to presentation for homeowners and small businesses

We’ll walk you through the what, why, and how of going solar in 30 minutes, leaving time for all the questions you can come up with. Going solar has never been easier or more rewarding! Let Joe Montuori & Corinna Ricard-Farzan show you how — through our Solarize Putnam program.

Before the end of the presentation, you could actually sign yourself up for community solar.  It’s that easy. And best of all, Sustainable Putnam has done the shopping for you, selecting the best offer from a reliable renewable energy company: Ampion Renewable Energy.

  • a 10% annual savings on your electric bill
  • a $100 VISA gift card
  • a $100 donation to Sustainable Putnam courtesy of Ampion Renewable Energy

Register here.


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