Sustainable Putnam

Putnam 100

Make a Difference. Take the Pledge.

I am concerned about the serious risks that climate change poses for present and future generations.

With my signature I agree to take the following actions:

I pledge to join the Putnam100 campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in my Putnam County, NY community to net zero by 2040.

I promise to do my best to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that I cause and to cut my personal climate footprint by half within ten years or less.

To achieve the target, I will first assess the current climate footprint of my home energy use, traveling, eating, consumption habits, household appliances, and financial savings. I will make low or zero carbon choices whenever possible.

I pledge to consider addressing any remaining climate footprint by offsetting emissions which I cannot reduce, to become climate neutral now.

I will share my experiences in making cleaner choices with my family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and politicians, and encourage them to sign the pledge, too.

By signing the Putnam100 Pledge — modeled after the Global Climate Pledge — I’m sending a message to decision makers, companies, my community, and to all levels of society, to implement ambitious policies and practices which reverse global warming and halt climate change, and secure the living conditions for all life on our planet. I am proud to be included in the honor roll below.