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Here are the tools you need to halt the climate crisis at home.

Our 100% Renewable Energy Toolkit will guide and assist you in your home or small business. We suggest using each tool in the listed order. Start by taking the 100% Renewable Energy Pledge and committing yourself to take action. 

Next, find your best path to solar. (It doesn’t necessarily require panels on your roof!)  

Move on to the GHG (Green House Gas) Audit to learn where you’re currently using fossil fuels. Download The Guide to learn how to eliminate them step by step. Keep track with clear, well-organized checklist and track your progress.

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Take the 100% Renewable Energy Pledge

By signing the pledge, you’re sending a message to local government officials, businesses, and your neighbors, to support the policies and practices that reverse global warming and halt climate change, and secure the essential conditions for all life on our planet.

This is not only a pledge to eliminate the threat of climate change, it’s also a promise to leave our children and grandchildren a better, more prosperous society.

Make your pledge today to fight climate change and cost-effectively transition to 100% Renewable Energy! 

Take the Pledge

I pledge to shift my energy use to 100% Renewable Energy, as quickly as I am able. I will take the first step by choosing a solar option for my home or business. I will learn about other electric and renewable alternatives so that I am prepared to replace my fossil fueled vehicle(s), appliance(s), and tools as the need for replacement arises.

Go Solar

Today, everyone can go solar — with or without installing solar panels on your roof. Thanks to New York State’s forward-thinking solar policies, our electric utilities are required to buy the electricity produced by solar farms built within their service territory. But only if we subscribe to purchase that solar electricity. That’s the essence of something called community solar.

So there are two recommended options for going solar: 

  • installing solar panels on your home or business 
  • subscribing to a community solar program

Installing panels of your own can be a great choice. But if that isn’t possible for you right now, community solar is the way to go. There are no costs, cancellation fees, or other charges. You receive a 10% discount on your electricity bill, carbon emissions and other pollutants are reduced, green jobs are created in New York State,  and our grid becomes cleaner and greener! 

 Join through Sustainable Putnam’s Solarize Putnam campaign today! You’ll receive a $100 VISA gift card as a sign-up thank you, and Sustainable Putnam will receive a $100 donation from our trusted partner, Ampion Renewable Energy. 

Make the Shift

Not sure which form of solar is right for you? Complete our questionnaire to help you decide. Take ten minutes to answer these questions and choose the best solar option for you and your household or business. Do it today and go solar!

Audit your Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Sometimes our use of fossil fuels isn’t very obvious. Because we want to take responsibility for our carbon footprint, we start by finding the carbon in our household footprint. The Audit will walk you through your home or business to find every last fossil fuel burning appliance, equipment, and more.  Then you’ll use The Guide (see below) to learn how to go about substituting clean, green alternatives. As appliances wear out, for example, you’ll know what replacements are available to eliminate fossil fuels. Click Audit Now to get started!

Audit Now!

This self-audit is a questionnaire to help you discover — and eliminate — even more greenhouse gas emissions in your home or business. Complete this survey as accurately as you can. If you aren't sure how to answer a question, feel free to skip and come back to it later. You can revisit this survey and alter responses as you continue your journey toward 100% renewable energy!

The Guide to Eliminating Greenhouse Gases

The Guide is both a checklist of actions you can take to eliminate fossil fuels, and a record of how much you’ve accomplished. 

Now that you’ve tracked down all the sources of fossil fuel burning with the Audit, use the Guide to find the easy steps — the low-hanging fruit —that cost little and can be accomplished quickly. Check ’em off and pat yourself on the back! 

Like to work with paper and pencil? Click “Download PDF” below.

Are you the digital type? Click “Get Google Doc” below  and “Make a Copy” to create your very own digital Guide. Hint: Copy and paste the check mark icon next to each completed task as you go.

Read the Guide

Download our free guide to get started on eliminating greenhouse gases at home, in your community, and in our businesses.

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