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Our mission is to develop sustainable communities across Putnam County, NY — ecologically sound, socially equitable, and economically responsible — today and for future generations.

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Through partnerships with residents, community organizations, businesses,
and local governments, Sustainable Putnam works to improve our ecosystems’ health, strengthen community bonds, and build a more vibrant local economy. 

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Leading the Way with Electric Vehicles

Congratulations to the three Putnam County residents — Marsha Waldman, Judy Allen, and Carolyn Everett — who’ve recently swapped out internal combustion engines for the smooth quiet of EVs. Judy and Carolyn have purchased Chevy Bolts and Marsha bought a Honda Clarity. All three answered questions about their choices. From Judy:...

Hemlock Hill Farm

Buying meat that is local and raised responsibly is an important part of being sustainable. Read about how you can do that here. Hemlock Hill Farm is a family-owned farm that has been owned & operated by the DeMaria family for three generations. Nicolas and Katherine DeMaria moved from the center of Peekskill...