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Community Solar: go solar without the installation.

Enroll online with PowerMarket, Sustainable Putnam’s community solar provider


PowerMarket's Offer

Annualized Savings

on electricity supply costs

10% Annual Savings


One bill (NYSEG or Central Hudson)

Subscription Term, Fees

20 years or the life of the project

No fees to join or cancel

What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is made possible through New York State policies that allow homeowners to purchase their electricity directly from a solar farm. The solar farm offers you a discount on their electricity, which it then sells to the utility who sends it into the grid.

The subscriber saves money, the solar farm creates green jobs and earns a profit, and New York’s grid gets cleaner as solar electricity replaces fossil fuel electricity. Win-win-win!

Why should I go solar?

To combat the climate crisis, New York State’s Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act set very ambitious goals:

  • 70% emissions-free electricity sector by 2030
  • 100% emissions-free electricity sector by 2040
  • Shift all energy uses to electricity (eliminating oil, natural gas, and coal)

To do your part, you can either install panels on your roof, or sign up for community solar. For most of us,  a community solar subscription is the best choice. See our Go Solar tool to help you decide.

Subscribing to a solar farm is free, easy, and helps clean NYS's grid.

Can my home or business go solar?

Yes!  Whether you own a shop, live in an apartment, condo, or single family home, nearly everyone with an electric utility account can sign up for community solar. There is no installation, and never any fees.  

Best of all, PowerMarket, our community solar partner provides a 10% annual savings on your electric bill. Cancel at any time.  Cick below to enroll in community solar now. 

What’s the Catch?

There really is none. Again, New York State’s forward-thinking energy and climate policies make community solar possible.

You’ll see solar credits deducted from your electric supply bill every month: more in summer, less in winter. Your annualized credits reduce your electricity cost by 10%

Residents, small businesses, and nonprofits are eligible to apply. There are some restrictions. For example, buildings with solar panels are not eligible. Very small and large commercial electric accounts may not be accepted. Questions? Contact  [email protected].