Sustainable Putnam

Ocean Currency

Sun warms water and it rises to the surface
Earth spins on its axis and swirls it round
Clockwise and counter clockwise, back and forth
Salt is mixed in and squeezed out
Water is cooled and sinks, freezes and floats

Currents travel round the globe
Visiting the diversity of each river and coast line
They stream past one another, trading yarns and ideas
Sometimes they rush together, clashing and arguing
Sharing resources and nutrients in the process

A magnificent abundance comes out of the altercation
Neighbors come to frolic in the turbulent foam and partake
In the riches that congregate in the waves of conflict
Hubs of energy disperse with the winds and tides
Spreading the wealth to benefit all

Ricann Bock lives in Cold Spring, NY and is a member of Sustainable Putnam’s Steering Committee.