Sustainable Putnam

Sustainable 5: Decreasing Food Consumption and Plastic Waste from Processed Food

Americans tend to eat more calories void of nutrition than their bodies need for a healthy lifestyle. This has led to increasing numbers of people with diabetes and obesity. Packaged foods from large conglomerates generally use unhealthy fats, add unnecessary sugar, high fructose corn syrup and a long line of chemicals that are not food, and are suspected of contributing to health problems. Cut down on packaged food and remember real food rots

Pepsico, Dole, General Mills, Nestle and Kraft. These are the largest food companies in the US. Most own several small companies that you might think are independent brands: Frito-Lay, Quaker, Yoplait Yogurt, Tazo Tea, Green Giant and Nabisco to name a few. When you cut down on packaged food, you not only reduce your use of plastic waste, but you will improve your health. Avoid these products made with the triad of fat-sugar-salt that are so addictive.

In addition, here are 5 simple ways to eat slower and give your body more time to feel full. 

  1. Eat with family/friends so that there is conversation between bites
  2. Drink a full glass of water before the meal
  3. Put your fork/spoon down between bites
  4. Eat with chopsticks
  5. Chew each bite 20 times