Sustainable Putnam


 Make the shift to 100% Renewable Electricity!

Join us in shifting our homes, businesses, towns and villages to clean, solar powered electricity with no costs to residents or municipalities. Help create clean, green New York State jobs and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, while you earn financial rewards.  

What is Solarize Putnam?

Solarize Putnam is a Sustainable Putnam program assisting our towns, villages and county government in promoting community solar. Solar electricity dramatically reduces our greenhouse gas emissions that causes climate change, and air pollution that directly impacts our health.

Sustainable Putnam is urging our local town and county governments to join the effort with their own Solarize Putnam campaign. Do your part by signing up today, or urging your local officials enroll your town!

Is my Town participating in Solarize Putnam? How do I sign up?

Every Putnam resident with an electric utility account can sign up for community solar without installing panels on your apartment, condo or house. These local governments are active partners in  Solarize Putnam:

You can participate even if your town doesn’t!  If you pay an electric bill, you can subscribe to community solar and do your part to fight the climate crisis. Have your utility account number handy and click below to sign up for community solar now:

Why go Solar?

New York State’s Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act has set ambitious goals to combat the climate crisis:

  • 70% emissions-free electricity sector by 2030
  • 100% emissions-free electricity sector by 2040
  • Shift all energy uses to electricity (eliminating oil, natural gas, and coal)

To meet these challenges, every New Yorker needs to go solar. You can either install panels on your roof, or sign up for community solar. For most residents, the best option is a community solar subscription. (See our Go Solar tool to help you decide.)

What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is made possible through New York State policies that allow homeowners to purchase their electricity from a solar farm. The solar farm offers you a discount on their electricity, which it then sells to the utility who sends it into the grid.

The subscriber saves money, the solar farm creates green jobs and earns a profit, and New York’s grid gets cleaner as solar electricity replaces fossil fuel electricity.

Ampion Logo

Why Ampion?

You’ve probably seen a half dozen community solar offers in your mail. We have too! And we get it: it’s tough to choose the best offer.

So Sustainable Putnam asked five community solar providers to participate in a rigorous vetting process. Our committee examined several key criteria, including solar capacity, corporate reputation and track record, and the benefits offered to our residents and municipalities.

Ampion received top marks, and was the unanimous choice of our entire committee.

What’s the Catch?

There really is none. Again, New York State’s forward-thinking energy and climate policies make community solar possible.

You’ll receive one electric utility bill as always, but with solar credits deducted every month: more in summer, less in winter. Your annualized credits reduce your electricity cost by 10%

Sign up through Solarize Putnam, and you’ll receive a $100 VISA gift card upon approval. Plus, Ampion Renewable Energy, our vetted solar provider, will make a $100 donation to your town

Residents, small businesses, and nonprofits are eligible to apply. There are some restrictions. For example, if you have solar panels on your roof, you are not eligible for community solar.