Sustainable Putnam

The 100% Renewable Campaign is Here!

We know you care about the climate crisis and what it means for the fate of our children, and all life on our planet. That’s why you’re part of the Sustainable Putnam community. And we know that determining what actions to take isn’t always easy. That’s why Sustainable Putnam is here: to point the way with information and resources you can trust. 

Today, we’re proud to launch our action-oriented 100% Renewable Energy Campaign for households and businesses throughout Putnam County. On our newly-revised website, you’ll find all the tools you need to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions while creating a healthier home or business, and saving money over the long term. And we’re here to help you every step of the way!

Our 100% Renewable Campaign provides you with five tools. Use each to eliminate fossil fuels from your life:

1. Take the 100% Renewable Energy pledge.
2. Go solar! Use our decision tree to choose your best option.
3. Conduct the self-guided greenhouse gas audit to determine areas for improving your home or business.
4. Use The Guide to Eliminating Greenhouse Gases (EGG).
5. Schedule a free consultation.

These five actions were selected to produce big, immediate results. Start out by taking the pledge to do your part for our children and grandchildren. Next, determine your best option for going solar. It’s easier than you think to save money, green the grid, and create good, clean solar jobs in New York State at zero cost or risk to you. 

Follow up with a self-guided audit of your home or business for greenhouse gas emission sources. Then learn how to eliminate each source and record your progress with the EGG (Eliminate Greenhouse Gases) Guide. And because we all need help at some point, schedule a free consultation whenever you like. We’re here to help! 

Join us Sunday for a live tour during our Community Meeting at 4pm. Take a look at the Toolkit right now. Take the pledge. Then pat yourself on the back. We’re proud of you! You’ve taken another step to reverse the climate crisis.